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#StayHealthy #StaySafe

#StayHealthy #StaySafe


There are 3 phases to the 3-day Jinga Juice Detox Diet:

Easing-in gives your body the chance to prepare for your 3-day Jinga Juice Detox Diet. It is recommended to have an ease-in period of at least 4 days to 1 week. The is to help your body get ready for the fast.

First, you need to slowly remove processed food and unhealthy food from your diet.
On the last 3 days of your ease-in period, it’s best to eat organic vegetables, salad and fruits. Gradually lessen intake of solid food and increase intake of organic fresh juice.
It is best to switch to a liquid diet on the last day of the ease-in period. Fresh vegetable and fruit smoothies and juices from organic produce, as well as light vegetable soups and broths are best for intake for the last day.

The 3-day Jinga Juice Detox Diet requires you to drink at least 8 glasses (8 sachets) of Jinga juice Stevia in a day.

You will need at least 2 boxes of Jinga Juice Stevia (1 box contains 12 sachets)
A sachet of Jinga Juice is best mixed in 350mL to 500mL of cold water.
drink a glass of Jinga Juice Stevia every 2 hours
Do this for 3 days straight.

When you break a fast of pure liquid intake, it is imperative that you slowly ease yourself back into your normal diet. This is just like easing-in but starting from the last day and going backwards.

Start with drinking several glasses of fresh-squeezed organic orange juice during and some organic vegetable soup (no canned soup) for the first day.
On day 2 to 3 of easing-out, you may gradually introduce solid food in the form of organic vegetables, salad and fruits.
Day 4 onward, you can go back to your normal healthy diet.
Note that it is very important to have at least 2 weeks to a month of rest period (normal healthy diet) before repeating the 3-day Detox Diet.

Also note that detox diet programs are not for everyone. It is always best to consult your doctor before trying any detox or diet programs if you have any health problems specially heart ailments.

Jinga Juice is a very strong detox and weight loss agent. This is because of its primary ingredients–Wheatgrass and Guyabano (Soursop). To keep yourself fit and healthy, make Jinga Juice Stevia a part of your daily diet. Drink Jinga Juice everyday and enjoy Wheatgrass and Guyabano health benefits all year-round.

Wheatgrass is known to be a very potent detox agent. It is popular for its many benefits like blood detoxification and liver cleansing. It is a very strong antioxidant and helps flush out body toxins.

Guyabano is known to be a natural cancer fighter. Aside from becoming popular for its ability to kill malignant cells in 12 cancer types, it is also known for having high concentration of vitamin C, B1, Potassium and detoxifies. Guyabano bolsters the immune system and greatly improves over all health and well-being.
Both Wheatgrass and Guyabano are very good sources of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and other nutrients that the body needs. These 2 superfoods naturally boosts energy, gets the blood moving and strengthens the body to naturally fight off diseases.
Jinga juice with Stevia uses extracts derived from a naturally sweet plant called Stevia Rabaudiana. Stevia is a natural non-caloric sweetener used to aid weight loss, for treating diabetes, high blood pressure, heart burn, and many more.

How does drinking Jinga Juice help in losing weight?
Jinga juice promotes healthy living and healthy eating. Below are the list of how Jinga Juice helps in weight loss and reasons why you should include Jinga Juice in your daily diet:

Jinga Juice stimulates digestion and cleanses the digestive system. It alleviates constipation, and helps flush out accumulation of toxins. Wheatgrass works by filling nutritional gaps in the diet and it cleanses the blood, which is the first step in weight loss. Its high chlorophyll content promotes absorption of nutrients that aids in the regeneration of your system’s health.
Metabolism: Many Jinga juice drinkers advocate that Jinga Juice suppresses appetite, curbs cravings, and speeds up metabolism due to its ability to make you feel full and satisfy hunger.

Aside from the long list of nutrients in Jinga Juice, it is also low in calories and has no fat, sugar or cholesterol. Jinga Juice 
is able to meet all of your body’s nutritional requirements, and it helps reduce cravings since your body has all of the nutrients it needs. This results to lower calorie intake.

Jinga Juice is a natural energy booster and so it helps get the body moving. Drinking Jinga Juice gives you that extra push to stay active and healthy.
Get your daily detox and become healthy and in great shape by drinking Jinga Juice everyday